Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bow Wow Chow

I agree, that was the worst post title ever.

A while ago I was doing a huge stock-up shop in Aldi and grabbed their cheap-as minced beef, instead of the low fat stuff. I've tried to cook with it twice. The second time being last night. After I poured over a cup of fat out of the 750g I was cooking, and the resulting meal was still greasy and vile, I admitted defeat.

 Today I turned the last of it into dog food.
Dog Food ingredients
 I have been using Down To Earth's dog food recipe for years. Sebby loves it, its a great way to use up ends of packets of pasta, its cheap, its so much better than bought stuff, and its very easy.

 Recipe here

Lots of vegies - I was doing double quantities
Into the stockpot
And it turns into this...
Super extra Yummy
That'll keep Sebs going for months.

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Chase said...

It's so great that you think so highly of your dog. Hot fat - awesome. You shouldn't be shopping at Aldi and you shouldn't be giving that awful processed, antibiotic laden food to your child or to your dog either. Oh that's right, he/she is just a dog not a person. I mean they only love me, adore me, protect me, wait for me, forgive me and everything else on the planet. This is why pets die early, get cancer, diabetes, arthritis and suffer because people like you treat them less than. Have you not noticed all the healthy dog foods in the store? That would at least be a good start. My dog as well as the majority of my friends make our dog's meals and freeze them. We use dog recipes that are made for them - why, because that's what they deserve. Unless you can honor them the way they honor you, you shouldn't own one. Please feed your dog well and take the best care of him/her. They deserve it.