Thursday, February 09, 2012

Feral-ling Up The House

Not matter how hard I try, it always seems that my little patch of the world teeters on the verge of going feral.  You know, with rusting piles of wire and disused tractors littered around the garden, and a house that reeks of that musty dowdiness which takes years of neglect to achieve.

Hubs took us one step closer to achieving utter feral-ness on the weekend.  You see we've had an unusually massive amount of rain. Days and days of it.  The coldest, wettest summer ever.  Our chooks are so narked-off by the situation that they are now producing one egg a day, and verbally abusing anyone that gets near their enclosure.  So hubs came up with an attractive solution that blends in well with my carefully tended garden (see post of two days ago)
Nothing says classy like the old blue tarp
Yep.  I'm hoping the pools of water forming on it will provide enough weight so that when we get the next westerly gale it won't take off.  After all, when the photographers from Better House and Garden, or Architecture Monthly turn up, we don't want to disappoint them.

The ladies, however, are loving it.  Though not enough to have stepped up egg production.
Illustration 2: The Ladies, Loving It.
At least they've stopped yelling at me.

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Sue Webber said...

Ah yep! That looks lovely petal!! ;-D

Anna Dridan said...

We need some rain here. It seems to keep bypassing us for some reason. I love your garden.   Hope the chooks start laying again soon.