Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yes I Get It Universe: The Wake-Up Call

Thanks all for your kind comments yesterday.  I didn't expect them when I wrote the post, and I was so touched to receive them.

As everyone could see, I'm a little over things at the moment.  After I wrote that post I took myself off to the doctor, as I've been feeling desperately exhausted since April (well I've been complaining about it since then) plus it was time for my turning 40 oil change.  Upshot of that delightful half hour was that I've got high blood pressure.  I'm 40 and I've got high blood pressure. Wonderful.

I still have to get the blood tests done (that's Saturday's happy job), but I'm putting money on high cholesterol and low iron (both hereditary issues that I've been ignoring for the last twenty years or so).

And don't even get me started on the heart-palptations.  FFS I'm 40, not 75.

But, enough of my inner working.

Its a wake up call. Life is out of control, unbelievably stressful, and its making me sick.

Change is hard, but it seems I'm getting to a point where the alternative is failing health and a drug regime to keep myself from having a stroke, heart attack, or, well... its a lovely list, and I don't especially want to dwell upon it.

So, on the day I bemoan the fact I have nothing to write, it seems I've been handed rather a lot to write about after all.

My journey, from chaos to balance.

Should have been careful what I wished for.

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Sami Lee said...

Nothing particular to say except take care of yourself. Thinking of you (insert cyberhug here)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thanks Sami, hugs much appreciated :)

Phillipa P said...

I agree with Sami, your health is everything, so you need to look after yourself.  Us women seem to spend a lot of time looking after everyone else but neglecting ourselves.