Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wow. You have the hairiest eyebrows I've ever seen...

Miss 6s temp is still above 38 and I am totally over having such a sick little one.  We've been back to the doctor and now she's on a stonking great dose of anti-biotics but he said not to expect much improvement until Saturday.  I'm hoping that's the case, as I'm so not in the mood for another Saturday at hospital.  Still no clear idea what the problem is either.  Thus far 'a virus' with 'a possible underlying bacterial infection.'  Bloody marvellous.

Being the outstanding mother that I am, I left my poorly cherub in the care of her father,  and buggered off to get a haircut this morning.  It was bliss.  Out of the house, sitting down, someone even brought me a cup of tea.

I had the in-house sadist shape my brows (which is beauty salon for pouring hot wax on your face and tearing your eyebrows off).
She was full of comments.
Like 'wow, you have the hairiest eyebrows I've ever seen,'
and 'no-way, I had to use double wax,'
and 'thank god you're not dark-haired, imagine what your eyebrows would look like then, monobrow LOL.'
Why yes. LOL indeed.

Still it was worth it.  The hairdresser forced me to figure out that the last time I'd had it cut was before Grandad's funeral, back in October, and even I was forced to admit I was starting to look pretty bedraggled.

Got home and baked a chocolate cake.  Which took the day from bearable to Not Bad.  Used Nutella as the filling. It was awesome. Nutella. Who knew?? :)

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Sami Lee said...

Bitch! Argh. Some people just shouldn't be in customer service roles. Glad you got yourself cleaned up :)

Veronica said...

I haven't cut my hair in over twelve months. And then I did it myself.

Oh dear.

Rachel from Redcliffe Style said...

Sorry about Miss 6, but you made me giggle. I hope she gets better soon

Danielle said...

After my miss hap at the hair salon i need to shop around for another one lol :-)
My eyebrows are so thin one day i may wax them off and just get them tattooed on ROFL