Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Easter Miracle & Home made Strawberry Ice-blocks

So, as all you wonderful lovely fabulous regular readers know (I love you guys, I surely do :)), I lost my blogging/gardening/cooking mojo a while back, then got injected with copious amounts of B12 and It All Came Back.


River Cottage and its plethora of TV shows and books have been around for a while.  In the miasma of the last few years they sort-of passed me by.  But, recently, I've become addicted -  the food and the cooking encapsulate everything I was taught as a child by my English Grandparents, Aunt, and Father.  All of whom had/have the dual aims in life to either be outside in the garden growing stuff, or inside in the kitchen cooking it. So, not surprisingly, River Cottage truly resonates with me.

I was watching River Cottage Everyday (Fruit) yesterday, and HFW made some sublime Strawberry Ice-blocks.

In our much neglected garden, the Strawberries have had a late summer burst of activity.
Got 250g worth!!
Tossed the 250g of strawberries into the blender with 25g icing sugar
Into the whizzer
 Then poured the mixture into our ice-block making thingy
This is a zoku
It is utterly brilliant
Makes ice-blocks in about 5 minutes
 And result...
Home made strawberry ice-blocks
One of my many aims at the moment is to try to get Miss 6 to broaden her diet (presently it's white bread with honey, and apple juice). And this was a total win (once she got over the presence of strawberry seeds, and I suppose a better mother than I would've sieved them out).
She then turned around and ate a banana, at which point I fainted with delight.
And THEN she ate some frozen yoghurt drops.  Well butter me up and call me a Sayo, its an Easter Miracle.

Yeah, it'll be back to white toast tomorrow, but for today I'm grabbing my glimmer of hope with both hands.
The Organised Housewife

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EJ Temple said...

I had no idea ice block making thingies existed! Revelation!

Phillipa P said...

wish those iceblock makers had been around when I was a kid.  The strawberry ones look yummo,   banana blended with yoghurt and a bit of honey might make nice iceblocks maybe.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Love the banana idea, going to give it a try :)

Mel said...

They look so yummy.

farmer_liz said...

YUM!  and very cool machine.