Saturday, April 14, 2012

Enduring The Insanity and Rhubarb & OJ Ice Blocks

Yes, yes, I've been watching River Cottage again.  Its school holidays, and I have the whole entire family in the house all day, every day.  I'm teetering on the brink of sanity at the best of times, but now...?

River Cottage is happy and calm, everyone is nice, no one demands breakfast then spits it on the floor, or refuses to eat anything but cup cakes.  The garden is neat and tidy, not a desolate chook poo covered wasteland, nor are there avocado trees glaring accusingly from where they sit, unplanted, in their pots.  The kitchen is clean, no maggots in the scrap bin, no mildew growing in the grout on the sink splash-back.  And everyone seems content, not having a screaming fight with their sister because its 12 hours before another room unlocks on pet hotel.

So yes, I have been watching River Cottage, and in a fit of deluded enthusiasm decided to renew my quest to get Miss 6 to eat something other than white bread and honey.

No I didn't seriously think I'd get her to eat anything with rhubarb in it.

So, Rhubarb and OJ Ice Blocks... RECIPE HERE

Rhubarb from the garden
Ignore the strawberries, I spotted them when I was getting the rhubarb
Orange from California, sigh (WHY COLES WHY??)
I cooked 5 sticks of rhubarb with the juice of the orange, some honey and brown sugar until they were soft.
Then into the whizzer to get rid of any chunky bits
And the rather lovely end result

Hubs and I loved our, Miss 7 liked hers, but it was too rich for her to finish, and Miss 6 refused to have a bar of it, except for digging hers out of the ice-block maker with her finger and eating it that way (is that a win? Maybe a win the battle, lose the war, kind of win, or the other way around. Hmm)

Now I am not usually one to tease, but I have news, big news, but I'm not saying a thing about it until Monday.

Thus the insanity continues.

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