Monday, April 30, 2012

Keep Calm and Cook Bacon

Change is not easy.  I am the first to admit that I resist it.  It takes effort, and its so much easier to sit here in my Pit and let things go to hell around me.

I've taken on a lot of change over the years. And these days I'm getting the hang of it.  One thing I know is to Keep Calm about it.  Don't stress, otherwise it will collapse on you in days.  Set your goal/s, make sure they are realistic, then head steadily towards them.

Bacon will help. Unless you have moral and/or religious grounds against it. In which case insert comfort food of choice.

What I mean is, REWARD yourself.

There will be up days and down days.  You will succeed at some goals, and you will utterly fail at others.

But regardless, be KIND to yourself.

Every time I make changes some of them stick, and some don't.  But I always end up in a better place than before.

So, today/tomorrow I launch myself into the next phase of change in my life.  Nothing dramatic, just life-style adjustments, needed ones.

  1. Taking being a Work At Home Mum seriously - this means a set routine of running the house / writing.  I've been figuring out what works for me/family over the last few weeks and now have a schedule.  Yep, it gets derailed every single day, but already my productivity is up and frustration is down.
  2. Weightwatchers - Put on 8kgs over the last year, clothes too tight, look like a sausage bursting out of its skin and double chin developing (shudder).  Weightwatchers has worked for me over and over. Also, on Weightwatchers I can cook and eat bacon.
  3. C25K - Excercise. I walk, a lot.  I used to run, a lot.  Am taking on the Couch to 5k to start running again.  Do not expect to see me in a marathon anytime soon.
  4. Month of Happiness - Naomi over at Seven Cherubs is doing a month of happiness.  Check out her blog to get the details.  We all need to focus on the good stuff.

How about you? Thinking about change? In the midst of change? Wanting to change but overwhelmed by it?

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Polka Dot Suitcase said...

I think I may just piggyback on your goals! :-) Sound good to me. But I'm going to add one for me: I've been feeling burned out/blocked lately, so I'm rededicating myself to refilling the creative well. I'm starting with building a Rube Goldberg machine. Why not, right?

Good post!

Stephanie O'Neil said...

Good luck!  I hope you'll keep us updated on your progress.  I'm always curious about how people implement changes and how they overcome setbacks to find success.  Especially with these sorts of things.  I'd love to hear what you think about the Couch Potato to 5K program!  I've heard some good things about it.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Thanks Stephanie, I will :)  Right now its the morning after C5K and I am rather startled about how sore my calves are!  I did nearly DIE (in my opinion) but shall be having another shot tomorrow!!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Hey Kate :) Piggyback away!  OMG just googled Rube Goldberg machines - HOW AWESOME, have huge fun with it, am looking forward to hearing how you go with it :)