Friday, April 20, 2007

Am I Really Making Any Difference At All?

"It's not the Howard Government's fault in itself, I mean Mr Howard can't make it rain, I understand that," [Mr Rudd] said.

Ah, such wise words from the leader of the opposition.

Still, it is devastaing news that one of the largest rivers in Australia has run dry. They said they take 75% of the water from it every year. 75%. Well, it's not surprising that it ran dry. Cotton is farmed around the Murray, a crop that is one of the most water hungry known to man. WHY? why are they allowed to do it? Surely the Australian economy will not collapse if they forbid cotton farming on the Murray?

It's all so overwhelming this climate change stuff. Most of the time I sadly wonder what sort of world we shall be leaving to my children and their children. But I also get angry. It seems to me that there is a huge amount of pressure being put on everyday people to save water, be environmental, save energy, that sort of thing.

But, for example, they slip into their reports the fact that households only make up 10% of total energy consumed. Its not that I feel there should be less pressure on households to be frugal with natural resources, its just that I want to know what industry is doing to conserve the 90% of energy they are consuming. Maybe stuff is being done. But I know I'd feel so much more secure if we could see some evidence of the changes they are making.


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