Saturday, April 28, 2007

Writers Block.

Ouch, I've got writers block, and it really, really hurts. It's not something that I normally have a problem with. I'm a Capricorn you see. Generally I set myself a goal, say five hundred words in an evening, and happily tap away until I get there. (We Capricorns are very goal oriented, which combined with our stubborness means we tend to get what we want or go mad trying).

But today I'm not sure where my story goes next, and can go no further until I decide. Do my hero and heroine have a fight and end up kissing, skip the fight and end up kissing, have a fight and he storms off, shake hands and make significant eye contact? Oh I don't know.

Speaking of significant eye contact, we went on a tour of the local fire-station today, and Bugalugs and I were given a private tour by a very dishy fireman. Hubby, who was stuck outside with a cranky and tearful Beanie-baby was not impressed! It was very interesting actually, they had their own gym and bedrooms and widescreen TV, but no firemans pole, they have stairs instead! I think my next hero is going to be a fireman, then I can go back and ask lots more questions!!

Anyway, back to my most recent dilemma.

So hero and heroine are standing on the end of a jetty. He's been smoking a cigarette and she's telling him he is being juvenile and rebelling against his mother. Not surprisingly he doesn't appreciate this (mostly because its true), so a fight is the next logical move, but they've spent a lot of the book so far arguing, and really they can't continue if lurve is going to blossom. They can't kiss becuase it'd be all cigaretty and gross. They can't get down to some hot, nekkid, jetty-love because Jenny Crusie already went there in Welcome to Temptation. So what next?

AH HA! I have it. Rotten boards, jetty collapses, somebody falls in! Broad scope for removal of clothes and scenes involving towels and little else! Hurrah!

You guys have all the answers!

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