Monday, April 23, 2007

I saw an Owl.

In between showers of rain, Ella and I had a quick walk. There was a storm over at Avalon and the sky was lit up with the most amazing light-show. Apart from the distant rumble of thunder it was quiet, not a car or person to be seen.

Pottering along, thinking up spectacular car crashes for Chapter 5 of High Speed, I glanced upward and there, peering down at me was an Owl. Now in my neck of the woods Owls are extremely rare, so I was quite thrilled. However, I once had an Irish lecturer who was scared to death of Owls, she reckoned they were the harbringers of doom. Though I have to add that she was unreasonably proud of the fact that more Irish women go mad than any other group in the world, so perhaps that might be telling me something!

Anyhoo, I saw an Owl, doom has not, as yet, eventuated. Though if it does, you shall all be the first to know!

High Speed

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