Wednesday, April 25, 2007

High Speed

25% there! High Speed is coming along very nicely.

This is my heroine. Crystal, or Chris to most people. She has one burning desire, to be a Formula One driver, and she is prepared to do anything to get it.

And this is my confused and beleagured hero. Rob Dryden. Former CEO of a lingerie company, he gives up his career to come home and save the floundering family toy company. Now he spends his days surrounded by children, and living in the family mansion, with his mother.

He'd always thought his father's passion for Formula One racing a trifle uncharacteristic. But now he understands exactly why his father so loved the testosterone fuelled sport. Some days he's afraid of drowning in femininity, but screaming engines and the smell of petrol in the air always helps to set the balance right. That is until he meets the team's new driver. Her name is Chris, and she's a girl.

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