Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

It has been a long Easter Sunday here in the Nicholas household. The rug-rats were up at 5.30am. Bugalugs has had a cold and isn't sleeping well, which meant the rest of us had to be up as well. sigh. Luckily they're not clued in about the easter bunny so we managed to hold off the chocolate until after breakfast.

Then, despite the rain (yay rain), we went down to Brooklyn to look at the boats and do some serious puddle-jumping. Just as we got to the furthest point from the car, and I was wondering if I should have brought the Umbrellas, the heavens opened. We were all drenched. Even those of us who had been mature enough not to jump in puddles!

I am now contemplating my annual white chocolate lindt gold bunny. Do I start at the ears and work my way down, or the tail and work my way up? Awww, who cares!

It is amazing though, that somehow bunny shaped chocolate tastes so much yummier than plain bar shaped chocolate.

The kids have had a chocolate frenzy. I rather foolishly decided that I'd let them eat their fill, let them LEARN when to stop. Taking the eggs away from them just teaches them not to trust their own judgement. Ha, hahahahahaha. sigh.

Okay, so I've been reading all these psyco-babble books about kids, and they're getting to me! Needless to say, just as they both started looking really green around the gills we had to remove remaining eggs and hide in the fridge. You can imagine the scene that followed. Everybody crying, everybody running around hyperactive.

Well, they might not have learned anything (except mummy is a big mean chocolate stealing monster), but I have!


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