Monday, January 07, 2008

Busy Bee

Have been busy bee of late prettyifying my website, and doing other slightly duller things like getting my accounts in order. This has all been due to The Desk. It has inspired me to be a better, more organised human being. Well last weekend anyway. It won't last, it never does.

Have also been messing about getting Boys of Summer underway. Yes, usually I begin these books on a flood of enthusiasm, word count mounts daily, there are joyful, almost ecstatic blogs, I am on a roll. Not this book it would seem. Just dragged myself over the 500 word mark after two hours of working, sigh. I think we'd better gird our loins for six months of moaning until I get this one done. Forget mid-novel slump, am having whole-entire novel slump.


Its odd actually. I've got a beauty of a story in mind, set in the world of professional surfing, there are corrupt police, hit men, people smuggling, a love triangle, bikies and truck drivers. AND I've set in mostly in Australia (had to include a bit on Tahiti so that I can hassle hubby to go there on a research trip). But it ain't flowing.


Had better go and cook cake.

No, don't worry, have been very good with diet, and have weighed self at least 30 times since first Jan, so I can say with great authority that I haven't put any weight on. Not a gram. Plus cake will be for gals at the park tomorrow and if it arrives with a bit missing I'll have to explain where the bit went. Though if I do bake cake now, before small screamies awaken from their nap, I will get to lick out the bowl by myself.

Mmmmm, cake batter...

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Sami said...

Boys of Summer sounds delicious. Better get cracking and write it.