Friday, January 25, 2008

Lawdy, what a day...

Imagine this... a man working on a jackhammer, not a small hand-held jackhammer, oh no, a fellow on a jack-hammering machine, one that he sits on and has controls for. Then imagine this beast making its way through eight square metres of reinforced concrete. Next imagine this occurring DIRECTLY outside your office window.

Got the picture.

Then imagine a phone bank, a phone bank that is melting, filled to bursting with stressed students trying to enrol at University for the first time. Add to this staff who cannot hear and are either shouting EMAIL ME and hanging up in despair, or hiding under the desk in a vain attempt to hear something, anything.

Then pretend how you'd feel if it went on for FOUR HOURS.

Okay, then imagine if you were called away from this mayhem. Some one needed a favour, for you to fix up their database. A database filled with Very Important Information. You sprint to their aid, their office is quiet and you envisage a long visit. The database is easy-peasy to fix. No problems.

Then you realise you've been told the wrong information. You have deleted all the information in the very important database. All of it. Nothing is left. Not a single line. You cannot get it back. Leaping out the window is probably the only option.

If you can imagine this, then you have my morning.

No, I kid you not. I WAS that bad.

IT are in search of the missing data, fingers crossed the backups all worked properly. Anyone else would have faith and confidence in backups but alas I'm married to an IT person, so I KNOW about backups.

The jackhammering stopped at noon. Yes, it went from 7am to noon. Then we had the concrete trucks chugging back and forth, the howling concrete smoother machine (that makes me feel seasick), and then jackhammering recommenced at around 3pm.

AND on the trip home I had to battle holiday traffic with two screeching children in the back.

Am a quivering heap. May or may not recover. Haven't decided yet.

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Sami Lee said...

Sounds horrid. I won't complain about my day now, unless it somehow gets worse than that.

Sami Lee said...

Sounds horrid. I won't complain about my day now, unless it somehow gets worse than that.