Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Okay, so we had to have this post...

Yup, the New Years Resolutions post.

Well not so much resolutions, but goals.

  • Weightloss: I am going to lose 18kgs by the end of the year
  • Writing: I am going to write 200,000 words this year (one single title and two categories)
  • Outreach: I am going to give back more, take the time to connect with my family, other mothers, writers, people...
  • Stress levels: I am going to slow down, and look after myself. I will not work myself beyond the point of exhaustion either in regards to writing or housework.
  • Tapestry: I am going to finish my Poppy tapestry and continue my Grandmother's tradition of sewing beautiful things

Yes, I think that should keep me occupied for 2008.

2 people love me:

Jess Dee said...

Could you please make that 28kgs? Ten for me.
Oh, and four books? 2 for me.



Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Yup, no worries. Will get straight on to it.