Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Turning 36

Am nearly 40. Actually I'm not too age-oriented, in fact I usually forget when asked and have to do sums from 1972 forwards to figure it out. My poor mother however is going into a decline at the thought of a nearly 40 daughter. I believe she still thinks I'm about fifteen.

This year has been my year for book presents. Oh and a desk. Shall post a photo of my desk when I get my camera back from my Uncle - left it at his place at the pre-Chrissy family do. I love my desk. Its a little rectangle of me space in a house dominated by kidstuff, gadgets belonging to my husband, and his shoes. He's very large, my husband (6ft 5, and a good foot taller than me - yes we look ridiculous together and have sworn that we'll never take up ballroom dancing) and his shoes/feet reflect his largness in a way that just seems to take over the entire house. Everywhere I turn I trip over these giant shoes.

We have no room for a desk, so am presently wedged in the spare room, the back of my chair butted up against the spare-bed. Oh well, I'll worry about the space issue when we next have overnight guests.

The book presents have all been brilliant. An armful on writing craft, an armful of romances to read and envy, and an armful of cookery books. Cookery comes close to writing in my list of favourite things, and I adore a cookery book. I actually read them with as much pleasure as a romance! I'm the same about cookery shows. Addicted.

Christmas and our week away was, if nothing else, a break. The kids were in a permanent state of melt-down excitement, so they took much cajoling and patience. Its to be expected I suppose. Miss Beanie developed a severe fear of waves, yes, as in screaming terror when taken to the beach. Poor little mite. And poor us who'd planned on a beach oriented holiday. Had bought all the gear, new swimmers and solar vests for everyone. They didn't even get unpacked. sigh.

Still we were staying at a lovely property in the Kiama hinterland, with lush green rolling hills, views down to the sea and a permanent cool sea breeze. Mumndad were in the cabin next door and they did sterling work as babysitters, not to mention feeding us at every chance. We did a brief road-trip over to Moss Vale and Bowral in the southern highlands so I could research my next M&B idea (presently called All That Glitters), and went and pottered around craft shops in Berry.

Christmas day was filled with excited kids, loads of presents and delicous food. Including roast goose, rabbit terrine, lobster mousse, crab, prawns, chrissy pud, custard, oh and some salady things in there as well. It was a good day.

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Sandie Hudson said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas. Kids make Christmas, we went over to our daughters to watch our grandson open his presents. I love watching his face each time he opens a new present.

Hum turning 36, wish I could remember being 36, seem such a long time ago. I'm turning 51 this month and at times feel 101, well at the moment I do anyway.

Hope you have a womderful birthday and get lots more books, I love my books.

Happy New Year to you and your family.


Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Aww, thanks Sandie.

Yeah, the kids really made Christmas, all that wide eyed wonder!

Rachael Blair said...

How come you get such great gifts? Granted I'm happy with my pressie of an Alphie this year but I HAD TO BUY IT MYSELF!! Did your hubby buy these great gifts? I'm astounded! Glad your back online, I missed your updates.

Jess Dee said...

Turning 36? That all? You are a spring chicken!
Now, since you brought up your husband and his big feet and all, I have to ask: Is it true what they say about a man's foot size?

Glad you had a good Christmas and holiday.


Sami said...

I've been thirty six for six months now and I still have to do the counting thing when people ask me my age. I still say 35, cause I just forget all about that birthday.

Hope you had a great birthday.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Yep, I should've known better than to bring up foot size when erotica authors read my blog! You girls have dirty minds!

Present wise I have my family very well trained. Being so close to Chrissy means its been an issue. The never to be forgotten comment from my mother... "Oh you just got lots of presents," one year made me determined not to miss out! So I make sure I have a comprehensive list pre-christmas circulated to all and sundry. No seriously, I do. And I read about your Alphie Rach and was v. jealous. Made Hubby look at the picture for next year.

Sami, glad its just not me that's in denial about my age!