Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Basics Challenge - Week 1

A bit haphazard this week, but...

What's happening in the garden
  • Sowing seed
    • Last of the Snow peas - those are broad beans in front, coming up nicely after total and utter chicken related disaster.  Bamboo sticks are providing support as they always get blown over if I just use string.
  • Planting - 8 leek seedlings from the Organic Seedling lady at Hornsby Markets
  • Harvesting - Dug over last years sweet potato bed and got 70g carrots, 375g sweet potatoes - both totally unexpected :). Also, 1 lemon, 1 spring onion, 5 pak choy, 9 Tatsoi and 240g turnips.
    • Lettuce bed starting to look a bit gappy, but some good stuff coming on quickly
  • Egg total : 20
What I've been doing
  • Planning for The Future
    • Weekly menu plan
    • Budget - sort out paying appalling rates bill 
    • Researching turning raised vege beds into wicking beds to save water, and stop them going bone dry on days when its 35+ and a 60kmph westerly
  • Working for the Future
    •  Cooking extra loaves to stock up the freezer (and then giving them all away :))
Fun Stuff
  • Building Community 
    • Care package for Mumndad
      • bread, yoghurt, soap, vegies
    • Care package for ill friend with ill baby
      • bread, vegies, dinner (spag bol), eggs
    • Generally interfering in Other People's Lives and Dispensing Sage Advice - all with the best of intentions :)
  • Learn a new Skill
    • New skills on the list are spinning and bee-keeping. However, am very wary of taking on too much so for the moment will stick with re-hashing rarely used skills
      • Grow seedlings without murdering them due to neglect
      • Be nice to other drivers on the motorway
Becoming less porky
  • For a starting point, at the beginning of this year I weighed around 82 kgs
  • Present weight 77.3 kgs
Week Summary
  • First week back at school for the screamies - getting back into the routine and Not Being Late (ahem), and planning like a military invasion to get both to school with correct equipment on right day
  • Post birthday party clean, tidy and Make Good Use of left over birthday cake
  • Load of wood procured - last for year hopefully
  • Taking steps to slow down and look after mental health OR floating around garden with cup of tea for at least half an hour a day
  • Fifteen thousand appointments

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Talia said...

The wicking beds sounds really interesting!

belinda said...

Nice work,

Your greens bed looks a whole lot more advanced than mine.

Kind Regards

Linda said...

The greens look gorgeous. Lovely post, and I love your second last point.

Talia said...

The wicking beds sounds really interesting!