Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss 6

Its been a busy year...

In August 09, she went to the Blue Mountains and looked at trains.

In September, George (that's the bear) came from pre-school for a visit

In October, she went to the Baby Proms on a bright blustery day at the Opera House

In November, she discovered the webcam on Mummy's computer (and realised that she was stuck with those individuals behind her for life).

In December Pre-School came to an end and she performed in the End Of Year concert.

In January she had a long hot summer holiday.

In February she started big school and discovered chess.

In March she discovered her Mother's wardrobe

In April she went Apple Picking at Bilpin

In May she held up the family tradition of being underwhelmed over School Sport's Carnivals, and then upheld the other family tradition of being very enthusiastic about Licking Out The Bowl.

And in June she went to Caves Beach and gazed at the sea and wondered what was on the other side. (New Zealand. Where? New Zealand. That sounds funny. Well it is funny, they say things like fush... for fish... )

And all that, started out like this...


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Miss 6!! It looks like you have had a very exciting year. I hope the next one is just as wonderful for you.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Happy birthday from me too! We had Fush and Chups for tea last night!
How to tell an Aussie from a Kiwi, ask them to say Sydney bridge, an Aussie wil say Seednee breedge and a Kiwi will say Sudney brudge! lol

Sami Lee said...

She takes after you Cait, must be the cheeky smile. She's a little Cancerian then; you'd better watch that! (says the Cancerian romance writer...)