Thursday, July 22, 2010


Spent a large part of today at Mumndads.  They were an awesome help at Miss 6s birthday party and presently they are doing horrific things to their house with a wet saw - forty seconds of hearing a saw go through reinforced cement makes me cry blood tears, THREE HOURS of it is beyond contemplating.  So I craftily arrived in-between tradesmen and bearing home made bread, yoghurt, bunches of pak choy and tatsoi and home made soap, to say Huge Thanks and Sorry About The Noise.  Gifts made with lots and lots of love.

Had a nice day of inspecting the black swans and their four cygnets parading around on the damn, speculating about rain, and collecting sheep and Alpaca wool for Miss 6 to take to school - they're doing farmyards.

Then, just as I was about to leave a middle aged bloke driving a huge semi-trailer lurched up the eroded gravel drive.  Here to deliver a few tonnes of sand.  It had to be put in an extremely awkward spot around a sharp corner, at the top of a very steep rise, in the centre of which was the marker that had been used to work out all the laser sights on the in-progress house. It Cannot Be Moved.

"No worries," said the bloke.
"Um actually..." said my 65yo mother.
"She'll be right..."
He didn't much further. You see unbeknownst to him, my amazing mother knows a thing or two about semi-trailers.  Her father started a trucking company back when she was a young child, and much of her teenage years were spent digging semi-trailers out of ditches and creeping past weigh-stations at midnight with the lights off.  There is also nothing she can't drive or manoeuvre.

After being taken-aback for a full five minutes, the truckie scratched his head, nodded and completed her plan with ballet-like precision.  It was awesome to watch.  Sand delivered he pootled off with a cheery blow on the horn that scared the living crap out of the chickens.  Then I checked my watch and realised I had exactly 45 minutes to complete an hour long trip at the end of which my children would be waiting, AND THEN I found out I had no petrol.

Needless to say I made it on time. But it wasn't pretty.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about tonights dessert. I have no idea what happened.

Home made yoghurt, and honey courtesy of our friend Haig's bees down in Epping. Kids first encounter with honeycomb - they were sticky but impressed.
Its been a good day :)

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Olive said...

Lovely blog. Your dear Mother sounds like an amazing lady.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Way to go mum! :D