Monday, December 13, 2010

Not my year for garlic

Lately have been feeling Very Pleased (ie, jealous as hell) when I read about Other Bloggers harvesting their bumper crop of garlic.  I love home grown garlic and this year put in three huge patches, but, as with so many other things in this garden, it has not worked out as planned, and here is the sum total of my garlic harvest for 2010...


After planting over 100 onion seedlings (most of which I bought) I've also ended up with about half a dozen golf-ball sized onions - I did lose a lot to the wretched escapologists chickens - but even so, its just not been my year for alliums this year.

But in cheerier news, followed Greenfumb's example and picked the largest and most alluring of my tomatoes and they're now ripening on the kitchen windowsill.
Did I mention to anyone before that I'm slightly allergic to raw tomatoes?  Um yes (now do you see why I feel so strongly about The Universe Hating ME???). But I still love growing them, and eating them when they've had the crap cooked out of them.  So, YUMS.


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belinda said...

If it's any consolation my garlic haul is going to look very similar to yours. It hasn't browned off yet but I can see from just the stalks it's going to be a year of dinky bulbs.

Kind Regards

greenfumb said...

My garlic was rubbish too, the chooks or the rabbit got the stuff in the sunny spot and the rest is pathetic. I had to order a bag from Food Connect just so I don't have to buy Chinese rubbish. My onions and leeks weren't too bad but you need an awful lot of onions to be self sufficient in them.

BTW I don't pick my tomatoes until they have at least a tinge of colour on them as they are still growing up to that point and I find they don't ripen as well if they start off to green. Sorry should have mentioned that before.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Is okay greenfumb, am happy I picked them as trellis was collapsing under their weight.

Also glad its just not me with the garlic, have been mightily peeved about it.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

You got more garlic than me! I didn't plant any! :D

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Whoa, bumper tomato crop. Nice work. I'd rather have fresh tomatoes than garlic any day, I'm too lazy to peel and chop garlic. I always buy it minced in a jar (sacrilege, I know).

Tanya Boracay said...

Your garlic looks healthy.

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