Friday, June 03, 2011

Burnt Cake Friday

Well first I waited around FOREVER for one of the chooks to lay an egg, but after much sitting around on the nest by everyone except my two poor moulty Australorps, no egg was forthcoming.

THEN, after careful measuring and stirring (the recipe gave measurements as, eg, 3/4 cup, and then gave the gram measurement of a whole cup in brackets afterwards. It took me a while to figure this out.  So when it said 3 tablespoons of butter at 20g each, I thought it meant 3 tbs butter equalled 20g and not the correct 60g).

Still, I battled on, with one egg, no butter and a LOT of sugar in the recipe.

And Taa Daa... Slightly Charred Pecan Cinnamon Cake
It looks less burnt than it is
As I got it out of its tin I noticed a shiny blob on the surface, being a mammal of higher intelligence I stuck my finger in the blob and quickly discovered it was MOLTEN SUGAR from the topping.  Still fricking hurts.

Yup, the kids are just going to loooooove this one.


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