Tuesday, June 07, 2011

June Vege Garden

Bed 1: Root vegetables

  • Turnips, beetroots, carrots
  • Yes, they got dug up by wretched escaping chickens  - broccoli did not fare well, why can they not dig up weeds??

Bed 1
Bed 2: Legumes

  • Broad beans coming along
  • Peas just sprouted

Bed 2
Bed 3: Onions

  • Growing slowly, oh so very very slowly

Bed 3
Bed 4: Tomatoes

  • Growing, but slowly, a few have flowers on them, but am not holding out hope for anything setting fruit or ripening
Bed 4

Bed 5: Sweetcorn/Pumpkins
  • Growing green manure, that's about to be dug in (at some point, in the future).
  • Might try and fling in some lettuces before the sweetcorn and pumpkins go in in August
Bed 5
Bed 6: Potatoes

  • Chickens again.
  • Also, local nursery has not got spuds in yet, so not much planted.
  • Should probably do something about this bed as well :)

Bed 6

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dixiebelle said...

Looking good... we have some very slow growing onions and carrots too... I cannot imagine how these tiny weeny seedlings will ever get to be big enough to eat!!