Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Yule

Last Tuesday was the Winter Solstice here in Australia.  It was a miserable night (weather-wise), a southerly gale hit Sydney, with freezing temperatures and rain.  So it was a perfect time to put together a Christmassy feast, snuggle in with the family and drink mulled wine.
The paltry remains
We had sandalwood, frankincense and sweet orange in the essential oil burner, and mulled wine warming on the stove, so the house smelled divine.  In a nod to Yule I cooked roast chicken with bread sauce, roast potatoes and pumpkin, gravy and all the trimmings.  Then we had homemade apple pie, with custard.  We lit the room with candles and had the woodfire roaring away in the corner.

Then we wrapped up warm, and went outside to light up the longest night of year with some sparklers.

The kids loved it, and hubs and I loved it too.


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dixiebelle said...

Sounds lovely, looks so warm and inviting!