Friday, June 17, 2011

Cake in a Mug Friday

I loves a challenge, and when Rach over at Ramblings of a Romance Writing Mama issued a cake baking ultimatum that involved chocolate, I was all Hell Yes.

I'd heard of these microwaved cake-in-a-mug before, but never actually tried them.  So when the kids got home from school this afternoon we gave it a shot.
Mixing ingredients
Eating - it didn't even make it out of the cup
Not the most elegant presentation I'm afraid, but small people were tired and crabby after a long week of school - its nearly the end of term as well - so it was wisest to let them dig in without any delay :).  Was rather amazed at how easy and how yummy they were.  See Rach's blog for the recipe etc.

Have had a day in the kitchen, dealing with the apples we picked up at Bilpin a few weeks ago.

Two batches of blackberry and apple jam (about 7kgs in total, which cost me about $30 in total - largest expense being the 3kgs blackberries which I bought.  That's around $1.36 a jar)
I'll do a batch of strawberry jam when they come into season, and that should see us jammed-up for the year.

I also made a second batch of apple pie filling.  So I've now got the equivalent of 12 apple pies in the freezer (no pastry).

Knackered now, and yes I peeled all those apples (but do have a brillo mixer that has a slicer attachment which does all the slicing for me).


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Rachael Johns said...

Yay on being the first to take up the cake challenge. Like you I've heard of it before but never really thought it would work :) And can I just say WOW on those jams. You constantly amaze me!

Pip said...

That is such a dangerous recipe, the first time I tried it I ended up making 4 of them (2 for me and 2 for hubs) they are just so easy to make and even easier to eat as well.

Anonymous said...

The cake looks good and so does the jam.