Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pesto update

So back at the end of March I posted about my bulk pesto making efforts.  Instead of freezing the pesto, I elected to keep it under oil in the fridge.  And three months later this is what it looks like.
Mmmm, so very very yummy
Yes, bit of a mess, and this is after I'd scraped off the brown crusty bits on the top.  It had gone brown down the sides of the container as well.

So, lesson gleaned; Pesto keeps beautifully for about a month under oil in the fridge.  If you are planning on keeping it longer my advice is to freeze it.

I picked out the still green bits, smeared the over the base of a veggie pizza and fed it to hubs.  Thus far he has shown no ill effects, but I am watching closely for any adverse reactions.


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dixiebelle said...

Good that you tried it out on someone first!!!

I froze all my pesto, because I didn't have the guts to do it under oil! For all the preserving I do now, I am still a bit of a scaredy cat & like to make sure whatever preserves I am opening, that I am using them cooked... apricots in pie, tomato sauce in pasta bake... though I did eat Pickled Cucumber the other day & I'm still alive!! One day I'll trust myself more...

Pip said...

oh yukky, I usually freeze mine in blobs on freezer plastic, then put the hard blobs in a container.  I wonder if you had put it in smaller containers  with oil on top if it would have been ok?  that way you could have opened up a small container and used it all up and not contaminated the rest.

dixiebelle said...

(Oh, by the way, I have ice cube trays that I keep specifically for freezing food portions in... then pop them out & into containers in the freezer, easy to get a small amount out at a time!!)

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

LOL - sorry!!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Yeah, I'm going to freeze it next time.  I wonder too about the smaller containers, might give it a try, just to see what happens.