Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend in Our Nation's Fine Capital

Spent the long weekend in Canberra.

Never been so COLD in my life.
We spent most of the time doing this
Was lovely, lovely to be away.  And I like Canberra - there I said it.

Visited:  Parliament House
Kid status:  Underwhelmed
Highlight:  Being x-rayed by security (kids), Seeing Magna Carta (me - no I have no idea why it was there, but it was, yay - I do like an ancient document).

Visited: Carillion
Kid status: Thrilled - due to being able to scooter around the lake
Highlight: Hot chocolate

Visited: National Gallery
Kid status: Bored, annoyed, fighty, sticky
Highlight: Being followed around by our own cordon of security people

Home now and considering 'Famous Person' day at school on Wednesday. Thinking of sending Miss 6 as Margaret Thatcher and Miss 5 as Stevie Nicks, but feel the irony of this portrayal of their respective personalities may be lost on pretty much everyone.

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bronnie marquardt said...

We spent a week in Canberra once, when my ex was working there. It was actually so much fun, but you're right, we froze our arses off. Highlight was probably Questacon for the kids (and for me for that matter). They also loved finding the CSIRO deep science place (after I got lost a zillion times) and learning how astronauts poo and wee in space. Awesome.

dixiebelle said...

You could have visited Questacon or National Museum for more fun for the kids! It has been bloody cold here this weekend too... come again in late Spring & visit some nature reserves or farmers markets!

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Questacon was too expensive this trip, but its on the list for next time, and the museum :)  We're looking forward to going again.

Tenille @ Help!Mum said...

I feel an overwhelming desire to edit your opening line to 'Spent the long weekend in The Can'.

I'm allowed to call it that, 'cause I used to live there.

I did like it though; the cafes and restaurants, Kingston markets, and I LOVED having the gallery close by. But that was pre-kids. If we do venture back for a visit we might leave the munchkin at home.

Diana said...