Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Always, always wear a Sports Bra

Am taking part in Seven Cherubs Happy Days in May this month.  I got married in May, so its always been a happy month for me, and its autumn, my favourite season.  So its a nice fit to be dwelling on my happiness every day :)

So without further ado, today has three happinesses.

1. Miss 7 has been doing a project on school uniforms and how they've changed over time.  This led to me hauling out the photos and finding this gem, of me aged 5 in my school uniform.  So many happy delightful memories.  I went to primary school in Sevenoaks, in Kent in the UK.  My school was called Walthamstow Hall.  And that was the uniform.  Proper tie and all.  Yes, thats a tube of smarties in my hand (it was the 70s, that's what you fed kids then).
A lifetime of eating smarties
2. A 5 Star Review for Running Scared - This review is, without doubt, the best I have ever received!!!  I am still grinning about it :) Thank you Shereen!

3. Couch to 5Ks - So as per my blog post of the other day, I have undertaken C5k, ie running. Tonight was my first run.  I learned something very important.  Always, always wear a sports bra.  Things became so dire that I was forced to run holding my own ample bust in place (otherwise they would have BOUNCED OFF - no kidding).  THEN, towards the end I was so totally knackered that I forgot to let go during the walking part.  Yep, basically I was walking around my neighbourhood panting and holding my own breasts.  But I did it. I thought I was going to have a heart-attack, but I did it!!

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Bec said...

Great going on the Couch to 5k! I went for sports bra and tight tank under my t-shirt when i started. Then invested in a mega hold sports bra. It's like a freaking straight jacket!

Rachael Johns said...

LOL Cait!! Definitely need a sports bra. I'll be starting again soon - might start a bit further on and hope for the best. It's awesome and YOU CAN DO IT. Cool school project your daughter has too! 

Sami said...

Weren't you a cutie? Congrats on the great review too, they never go astray.

farmer_liz said...

A good excuse not to run I reckon.  I had to chase some steers the other day and I nearly died!