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All About... Sami Lee

I've been blogging here for over six years, and I posted my 1000th post the other day. So I thought it was about time that I stopped blahing-on about myself and maybe introduced a few other people wo inhabit my realm.  

Each Friday I'll be putting up an interview with a fellow writer, blogger, family member, friend (online or IRL), or commenter.  

Sadly I have not yet talked my mother into an interview. But I will persist.

First up is the wonderful, amazing Sami Lee.  
Sami and I got to know each other when we were published with Samhain Publishing back when everyone was saying this e-book thing was a load of codswallop...

First, the basics…
Who are you? 
Sami Lee—wife, mother, employee, writer of sexy romance novels. So obviously I am Wonder Woman 2.0 (C: You totally are)
What occupies your time? See above. All of that.
Where do you live?? Queensland, Australia
Who do you live with?? With my husband and two sassy, smart and stupendous daughters.
Day job / other job?? Three days a week I am a lowly public servant. Very lowly, but it pays the bills. Writing feeds my soul.
Secret gifts / talents / hobbies... I don’t really have time for hobbies. Reading and writing used to be my hobbies but now I consider them work. I’m clueless in the garden, I hate golf, not a fan of board games, I can barely sew on a button let alone knit or crochet. So it seems I don’t like much and have a talent for even less. Hmm. Should I feel bad? (C: Nah!)
Interesting stuff I’d like to know about you… 

1.     Finish the sentence…
I love… Rainy mornings spent in bed (C: Nice)
I hate… Rainy mornings spent ferrying the kids to school and daycare (C: With you there!!)

2.     Tell me a story about your car / a car you loved?? 
My first car was a 1969 light blue VW Beetle. I LOVED that car and had many adventures in it… the details of which I will not repeat lest my children ever read this and think they can get away with the same kind of hijinks. 
I once had an accident in it (not surprising as I tended to treat it like a dogem car). I came off the road and careened into a ditch. But the beetle just drove the length of the ditch and bounced back out again. I kid you not. I was alone in the car and am not sure anyone’s ever believed me, but I for one have had faith old fashioned German engineering ever since.
3.     I'm a bit of a weather nerd. Tell me about your preferred type of weather?? I actually like winter. But then I live in Queensland so our winters are pretty wussy compared to those in the southern states. I like to wear jeans and boots and rug up with hot soup and we only get to do that a couple of months of the year. 
4.     What are you reading at the moment?? Is it good / bad?? I’m reading something called Dirty Little Secrets by Julie Leto. I got it for 99c on Amazon and it’s fantastic. 
5.     What frugal thing do you do?? Have you got a sneaky money saving tip??  Growing up in a one income, four children family, I used to watch my parents penny pinch and it’s a lifelong habit I don’t think I could shake even if I made JK Rowling’s money (well, maybe I could then). 
I believe if you don’t crush your own herbs and chop your own veg and make your own bloody stock then it’s not real cooking. I don’t get time to cook like that every day, believe me. More often than not on a work night it’s spaghetti on toast.  But when I’m organised I do a few things on the weekend and we eat those during the week eg. Good old spag bol which the kids love (using stock and tinned tomatoes, not instant sauce), chicken curry (with the old Keens curry powder and leftover chicken pieces. Yum), stuff like that. Curried sausages is another great frugal recipe that you can make ahead of time and if you do it mild the kids will even eat it. Tuna bake, shepherds pie…
6.     Do you do something awesome to save the planet??  I am absolutely obsessed with turning off lights. Lights shining and not being used drive me crazy. We also compost and recycle and all that.
7.     Most amazing place you’ve ever been? What made it so amazing?? Have you got a pic? Probably the Greek Islands when I went years and years ago, long before digital photography, so no pics. It was so peaceful and different to anywhere else I’ve been.
8. Tell me about your secret weakness… Salty snacks… but that’s not really a secret. Neither is my weakness for firemen (imaginary ones of course). Actually I’m not very secretive about my weaknesses at all.
9. Tell me about your greatest strength… Just writing books really. Starting with a blank page and ending up—after much hair pulling and angst—with something that brings people enjoyment. I am stunned that I’m able to do that. 
Nitty Gritty at the end…
Tell me about your books...
I wrote a big ol’ menage a trois erotica novel called Erica’s Choice that came out this past August. It’s big I tell you, and complex and sad and joyful and all that jazz. It’s published by Samhain Publishing and you can find out more about it at my website I also write straight male/female sexy to erotic romance if menage is too full on. Guests are always welcome to browse the bookshelf page on my site for something that strikes their fancy.

Where can we find you??
You can find me on all your usual social media...

Thanks Cait!

C: Totally my pleasure. Thank you for being brave enough to be the first interview!


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Imelda Evans said...

i knew we had things in common, Sami. I always used to struggle to fill in the bit on the job application where they asked for hobbies. I'd start with 'reading' and the rest I would have to make up. I had some lovely lists over the years. Just glad no-one ever called me on them!

Congratulations on 1000 posts, Caitlyn! I recently hit 100 and thought that was pretty good!