Thursday, October 18, 2012

Minibeasts: Something Close Up

Miss 6's class is doing 'mini-beasts' this term at school. This is the point where I once again take my hat off to anyone teaching infants aged children.

I am not a fan of things with more than four legs.  Though they seem to like me a lot.  If a moth is going to fly into someone's hair, or a pantry moth die of suffocation down someone's cleavage then that someone will be me.

Thus far we have captured a snail and a large number of ladybugs to add to the classroom collection.  In a rather unfortunate mix-up Miss 6 took a half-used tub of margarine in on Monday. It was sent home and the identical tub that was filled with ladybugs was sent in on Tuesday. So all good.

Our snail was given pride of place in one of the bug jars. Miss 6 was worried that there was already something living in the snail's jar, but it turned out to be the desiccated remains of last years minibeasts.

Poor minibeasts.

Photo a day prompt: Something Close Up

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