Saturday, October 20, 2012

On The Table or How We Chocolate Poisoned The Dog

We had a cold snap last week
6 deg as opposed to 20
And Sebby had been clipped
So I wrapped him up!
Hubs was working last weekend.  The first weekend of term 4.  Miss 6 does not like change in routine, change from Friday to Saturday is always rough and change from holiday to term time is even rougher.

So as you can imagine it was a pretty solid weekend of meltdowns.   To add to the chaos I had been given four days to do the final proof-read of Drive Me To Distraction.  Two of these four days were over the weekend.  So I was stressed.

By Sunday lunchtime I was in dire dire need of chocolate and turned to a recipe I've been making since I was about 6. Delia Smith's brownies. In a calm half hour we baked together and then stood around the kitchen scoffing them.  Finally things seemed to be coming together.

A while later we were watching TV and one of the kids brought the brownies into the lounge.  Then everyone rushed outside to play on their scooters, and I rushed after them to be a hover parent. A clatter drew me back inside and there I found the dog had eaten all of the leftover brownies.

Now I happen to know that chocolate is very poisonous for dogs.

So a call to the after hours vet. A rushed trip to Asquith. A night of throwing up for him. A $300 bill for me. And he is utterly fine. More than fine. Bright eyed, unrepentant and ready to do it all over again.


FMS Photo a day: On The Table

(Oh and if you make the brownies, I don't bother with four different types of nuts, anything in the cupboard will do, or leave them out, and forget toasting them AND you can melt the butter and chocolate in the microwave)

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