Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Photo a day prompt is 'Light'

This is my favourite light.  Its a Himalayan salt crystal lamp.  I got two of them, years ago, from a chap in Melbourne. I have no idea if they are actually from the Himalayas or not.  But I like them anyway.  They give off negative ions, which are supposed to be awesomely air purifying, or something. Mostly I use them as nightlights and to warm my hands up on in winter.

Light. There you have it.

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Mrs BC said...

Beautiful! I was given a Himalayan salt lamp for my birthday this year. It gives such a beautiful light, I love it - BUT it seems to be leaking salt! There was a a ring of powdery salt crystals on the base and when I looked closer, the salt seems to have leaked into the wood of a chest of drawers I had it on. Bizarre. It's not near any windows.(It tastes nice!)