Monday, October 08, 2012


So its the end of the school holidays. The first week was feral. Its always feral. Miss 6 has a big reaction to the change in routine and when she's not having a meltdown she's fighting with her sister or just breaking stuff. Then, after about five or six days she comes good and I get to hang out with the darling angel that lurks beneath the aspergers.  This is the side of her that keeps me going, even on the worse days.

The holidays were made just that much harder because I've been sick. The flu. Ten days of sore throats, sinuses, coughing, sneezing and temperatures.

Organisation that extends as far as planning meals has not been high on my list of priorities.

But, still, even I was horrified when a five minute whip around of the play room produced this many Unhappy Meal Toys.  Lunchtime indeed.

Fat Mum Slim photo a day: Lunchtime

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