Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shadows + What I Read


I am trying to catch up on my Photo a Day photos. I am, as usual not doing particularly well at this. But I am trying nonetheless.

The prompt for October 5 was Shadow.  Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and I was all prepared to go outside and take arty photos of shadows on the ground and blah on about them. But then it got dark before I made it out the door, and today its overcast and rainy and there's not a shadow to be found.

But then I realised I have excellent shadows, ones I carry around with me.  The shadows under my eyes...
Apologies for feral eyebrows
I've always been a crap sleeper.  My overtired brain kicks into hyper mode and sleep eludes me for hours and hours.  So I have shadows under my eyes permanently. Probably like most of us with kids!

What I Read  
I often get asked what I read. Almost as much as I get asked about 50 Shades of Grey - no I haven't read it.

I was once a voracious reader.  But once I'd had kids my reading dropped off, mostly because I couldn't get to bookshops or browse.  My saviour was the kindle. It made a huge difference to me.

Kindle version of Time
and my faithful footwarmer
I'm a Non-Fiction junkie. Whilst I do read fiction, I tend to reach more for non-fiction. Magazines such as Time, The Economist, Wired. Historical biographies, books on current world events, books about the care and feeding of chickens or children with aspergers, race car drivers, or the Stuxnet worm, you know, things like that.  I use the information I glean from this reading in my own books.

People often ask me about how I put together my books, and the answer is from reading all this non-fiction and then weaving it into a fictional plot.

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