Monday, July 16, 2007

Bastille Day - 14 July

Now you all know I do love a bit of a culinary celebration. Saints days, national days, festivals, I adore to celebrate Thanksgiving, Hogmany, St Patricks day etc, with food from the various countries. Who could forget my easter feast, based on Scandinavian traditions and including baked ham and herrings - certainly not my husband.

So imagine my dissapointment when I realised I'd missed Bastille Day. Now I once had ambitions to be a chef, and the cooking training I had was french, so I am doubly ashamed. We've all got The Cough you see and cooking has been pretty basic, in fact, on a bit of a health kick I'd tofu scheduled for tonight. Poor hubby. Alas at the moment I'm car-less. Yes the sodding Alfa has died once again. So there'll be no trips to the supermarket, to pick up a bottle of wine and use it to slow cook chicken in a rich buttery sauce. Oh no. Tofu it will be.
Hubby will be quite devastated when he reads this! He, he, he.

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