Sunday, July 15, 2007


I've had a huge response to my yahoo newsletter group. Can't believe it. So far I've got 77 members. Wow! SEVENTY-SEVEN! I really thought the only people who signed up would be hubby and mum!

Anyway, I appreciate everyone's support.

Now I take my prizes very seriously. I've promised prizes and will deliver. I've put some photos of the jewellery, so that lucky winners can choose the necklaces they'd like. I'm a shocker of a photographer. Me? I write. Am not talented behind the lens. No siree.

The first draw will be on Tuesday - the day Running Scared is released in print.

The winners will be picked by random number generator, based on the order in which they signed up. I tested it this morning, hubby came first, I came second and Mum came third - no really, I'm not joking. If that happens again I'll just drop down the list to the next number. Hubby is not interested in necklaces, and if I have to read Running Scared once more my head will explode .(I mean its a great great story and all, but do you KNOW what I went through to edit it, do you KNOW how many times I read it, a million, at least a million - am quite fatigued just thinking about it).

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