Friday, July 27, 2007

Thank You

It has taken me a long time to write this post. There have been many attempts each worse than the last. But I felt it was important to write this before I went on and wrote anything else, in case the people concerned worry that I've overlooked them.

They had a party you see, for me. For months and months completely without my knowledge and in cahoots with hubby they plotted and planned a surprise party to celebrate the release of Running Scared.

Margo, Alison, Jackie, Ann, Diana, Megan, Linda, Jill, Naomi and Lyndel, words cannot express how touched and appreciative I am of your support, interest and enthusiasm for my writing, and also everything else that goes on in my hurly burly life. All of you are my soft place to land when life, children and the rest becomes overwhelming. I consider myself so fortunate to have so many spectacular women, with such a depth of experience and compassion, who I am able to call friend.

There, now that doesn't read too badly! I wanted to make sure people understood how touched I am (and I mean touched as in appreciative, not touched in the head!), but other attempts, dear oh deary me. They all ended up sounding like I have no friends, nobody likes me, my parents hate me, or what few friends I have don't like me... It just didn't come together. But now it has!

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