Monday, July 16, 2007

Vege garden update...

Now I know its been ages and ages since I whittered on about how the vegies are doing. This is because they've been sorely neglected. Its winter here, and though in Sydney it doesn't get cold enough to stop things growing in winter it sure slows them down a bit.

Nevertheless I have been harvesting celery, and my onions are slowly progressing. I've got a couple of tomato seedlings struggling away, the slugs got them and they survived, then the dog dug them up and they survived and then bugalugs stamped on them and they're still going! The most persistent tomatos ever!

Today the kids have been helping me plant potatoes. You see instead of showing off and growing things like eggplants, where I end up with about a hundred and don't know what to do with them, I'm going to grow things we eat a lot of, like potatoes. I haven't grown them before so feel am venturing into a brave new world. Hmm.

But what I really want to grow is lettuce. I hate buying it from the supermarket, its always so sad and limp. Yes, I can feel an afternoon of lettuce planting coming upon me.


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