Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fang You Berry Much!

This is it, here I am. I've done it. Become a published author. Who'd have thunk it? Not me that's for certain.

Despite my upbeat tone, I have to say I'm feeling a wee bit sentimental about the whole business. Thus I'm going to get all soppy and thank everyone from the fellow at the pizza place, who fed my family whilst I was editing, to my original editor who quit the day after she signed me - without you, person I emailed only twice, my life would probably be a whole different story.

See, said it was going to be bad. Best skip down now and read about the vege garden. My hankering for lettuces is going to be a lot easier to read!

How things have changed...
Me now: swish laptop, published author, mother of two.
Me last year: hunched over 40kg, 1,000 year old laptop with small bub clutched to breast.
Me year before: staring bemusedly at tiny screen of a notepad, circa 1981, trying not to be sick and cursing being pregnant.

First and foremost thanks go to Hubby, Beanie-baby and Bugalugs. Hubby especially. Without his support none of this would've happened.
Thanks as well go to all the girls at Mother's group. Awesome chicks everyone of them. Without them loving my emails and telling me so I'd never have written the book. Really I wouldn't have. You guys are the best.
Thanks to the rest of my family, for their bemused support. I am as surprised as you!
Thanks especially go to Rach! the first person to read my e-book and tell me she thought it was great. That meant more than any review! Thanks also to her for all her support since.
Thanks to Emma and Brian at work. Your enthusiasm and support, and willingness to listen when I need to download about, well about everything, is so very important to me.
Thanks to the incredibly patient Linda, my editor at Samhain. Running Scared needed much work, as I'd made every mistake imaginable! No sentence was left uncorrected. I look forward to future ventures together.
Thanks to the wunnerful gals at Romance Writers of Australia, from the wise advice of long published authors to the heartening enthusiasm of those yet to get there, you all made the journey easier.
Thanks to all the other Samhain Publishing authors, always ready to share advice on any topic you care to mention, from marketing to purple prose.

There. Now. Is that everyone?

No, of course not. How could I forget all the lovely readers, the people who buy my book and I never get to meet. Thank you for buying my book. I hope you enjoy it. Please, if you get a chance, join my newsletter group, I'd love to send you a prize!

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