Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Catch-up - Swimming, birthdays and the Wiggles

Its been a really busy few days. For starters Beanie had her first swimming lesson. She's old enough now that she can go in the pool by herself. So I joined the line of parents on the side of the pool and watched as she strode confidently towards the water, took one look at the instructor and legged-it out the door!


After some persuasion I lured her back, only to have her run-away again at the sight of the instructors. Now usually she's not one for running away, so I took a really good look at the pool, tried to see it through her eyes. I realised that the instructors looked a lot like floating heads, with no bodies. So I persuaded her back to the pool again and got one of them to show her his legs.

Worked a treat.

Comprehension dawned, and without hesitating any further she had her lesson and was blowing bubbles like a pro by the end of it.


On Sunday we had a birthday party at a friends. I knew that both my children had a large capacity for sweet things, but OMG. Have to say I was almost proud when Beanie rejected one slice of cake in favour of another, larger, one, then collected her spoon, sat herself at a table away from the other kids and ate the entire thing. Followed it up with her own body-weight in lollies and fizzy drink, and then spent the next twenty minutes bouncing on the trampoline.


On Monday it was Beanie's birthday. Now usually at this point I give a detailed description of The Birth, however, finally, I think I'm over it. Long, hard and forceps involved. That's about all I have the energy to remember.

Yesterday though was a good day. The Wiggles in the morning - now I love the Wiggles, but I have to say they're getting a bit long in the tooth. Is it just me or is Murray wearing a dodgy wig? And Anthony and Jeff are both going grey. Sam, the new Wiggle, looks about a hundred years younger. I reckon its time for the oldies to hang up their outfits and let a new lot start Wiggling.

Then in the afternoon, more cake and one very happy little girl. Her favorite pressy is her new scooter, and the house has been turned into a race track. Beanie on the scooter and Bugalugs on her bee (yes a bee, its on wheels), as we've got wood floors they can get quite a good speed up.


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