Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Slowly running out of patience...

Presently locked in battle of wills with small screamy person. Alas it appears she is winning. So, to distract self from enraged howls am blogging.


I'm sick (sore throat again), Beanie baby is sick (temperature) and Bugalugs is at that horrible stage when she's been sick, is now feeling a bit better and is inflicting her crabby temper on the rest of the household.

I'd have laughed bk (before kids) if you'd told me that babies could swear at you in gobbledegook, but they can. Miss Bugalugs is quite the expert. Right now she's in her cot turning the air blue with expletives, all aimed at her cruel mother who is merely trying to get a pair of trousers on her so that she doesn't freeze. She, apparently doesn't see things quite this way. I am, in fact, inflicting on her that bane of society, clothes, and in the process having no respect for her wishes or in fact her identity as an individual.

Yes, I am a bad, bad mother.


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