Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I've got a toothache. Yes. I've finally managed to admit it. Its taken me a week or so of finding excuses, theorising, if you like, about referred pain (yes the large spot on my chin could have led to referred pain in a back molar - it could), things stuck between teeth causing pain due to them being out of alignment (a bit like the stars), and a variety of excuses even worse than those ones. However, upon inspection you can acutally see the hole in the tooth. Am telling self this is good as it will just be on the surface and not require drilling halfway down to my spine or injections that feel like they're going into the chair behind me.

I've just rung Tim, he's been my dentist since I was about 11. He doesn't mind if I cry and bribes me to open my mouth with lollies (sugar free ones -ug). He is used to fielding my carefully thought up 'perhaps I can delay this a bit longer' questions - the last one was does Diet Coke rot your teeth (answer is yes, because its not the sugar that's really bad in Coke but the acidity and Diet Coke is as acid).


At least Nonna has volunteered to babysit.

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