Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Miss Bugalugs - hell bent on self-destruction

Miss Bugalugs, now aged 2 and a bit, has always been full on. Her older sister is a laid back little girl, who seems to have a inbuilt danger radar and even at three displays more common sense that some adults I know. Miss Bugalugs didn't get that gene, and I tend to live in dread of what she's going to do next.

See that bruise? Yesterday she climbed up on one of our outdoor chairs (heavy, wood) toppled off and then the chair fell on her. Huge bruise on her forehead and a matching egg on the back of her head. Have been watching closely for signs of concussion, equally reactive pupils, tiredness - not easy when a) she's got a cold, and b) she's got one hell of a headache. I think she's okay. She seems to be okay. Oh, maybe I should be whisking her off to Emergency for a brain scan...


Then, if she hadn't stressed me out enough, this morning I was doing some digging in the garden around the pool. The kids were helping and I was watching them very closely. I do not take chances around our pool.


You know when you can see an accident about to happen and time slows down. Miss Bugalugs overbalances and stumbles sideways, I am there in two strides but I just don't quite make it. With a quiet plop she falls in the pool.

Do you have any idea how cold the water is at the moment?

I admit I hesitated. But not for long. She bobbed up, clearly trying to swim, and all I had to do was fish her out.

Splash she says, as I stand her dripping and shivering on the side.

Splash, I agree. Then she lunges for the water again.


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