Monday, September 24, 2007

High Speed

Many thanks to dear Lyn for coming up with a cover for High Speed. Perhaps just a tad less classy that I would've imagined, but when it comes to doing my art forms (when and if it gets sold!) I'm SO going to keep this in mind.

I've just finished chapter 14, and am 60,000 words in. Phew! On the downward slope towards the end and its all about to go completely pear shaped for poor Alex my heroine. Yes, she was previously called Chris, but hubby was doing some proof reading and couldn't figure out who was the hero and who was the heroine (it was a lurve scene and he got worried he was reading about manlove), so I've changed her name.

Am not envisaging further hiccups, although if you'd asked me last week I would've started beating my head on the desk. Had one of those uh-oh moments when I realised my heroine had no personality and the plot didn't make sense. But I'd just sort of wandered off course with the storyline and was blathering on. Did quite a bit of deleting, which hurt a lot and required krispy kremes to soothe the pain, but the scenes I had to add were a breeze and its all coming together nicely.

Four weeks to go and 20,000 words. Yeah. I can do that!

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Sami Lee said...

I like this one the way it is. The retro comic book look is coming back in I hear.