Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The day finally arrived....

Yes, today the day that I have been dreading for two years finally arrived. My much loved Mother's group, those stalwart and down-to-earth gals who've single handedly kept me sane for the last three years have been reading Running Scared.

I arrived late to Playgroup (oh who am I kidding, I'm always late to playgroup), then scuttled in the door, doing an excellent job of making no eye contact whatsoever. I will not grin, I will not blush, I will not grin, I will not blush, I muttered to myself. I made it as far as the kitchen, and then on being addressed directly made eye contact, grinned and blushed.

Oh God.

We liked it, a lot of nipples and not long enough but we liked it.

Phew. And nobody was throwing it at me and howling that they wanted their money back. Even bigger Phew! Then I found out that Lyn had made her famous slice - dunno what's in it except for sweetened condensed milk, but frankly that's enough for me. Can anyone go past sweetened condensed milk? The rest of the morning unfolded itself most pleasantly (well except for the fact it was freezing cold and we were stuck in a bare echoy room with seventeen feral screaming children all of whom had been given musical instruments, my own cherubs included - but that's another blog post).

As far as critical feedback I thought what MG had to say wasn't bad at all. Am also pleased to point out that forthcoming books are both longer and have hardly any nipples whatsoever. Hurray!

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