Sunday, September 09, 2007

Bloody Typical

Its not been the most glorious of weekends. We've had a long weekend for APEC, and its rained and rained. So now, on Sunday night we are coming to the end of a fairly fraught few days.

This morning we had a family outing to the garden centre. My children out did themselves, though I have to say hubby was partly to blame. He gave Miss Beanie his coffee to hold, and she promptly drained the lot. Yes, we then had an hour of her going off her head around the garden centre, wired on caffeine. We lost her twice and just managed to stop her escaping into the carpark. I did not enjoy it.

Nevertheless, through bloody minded determination fulled by a scorching case of PMT I managed to come home with a nice selection of plants. Whilst the little darlings had a nap, hubby and I set to in the garden and planted them all. I have to plant things as soon as I get home, otherwise we have a heatwave and they all die in their little pots.

So, had just finished planting, and had just put on the kettle when hubby appears in the kitchen. We discuss life (well renovating the useless bloody laundry actually), until Hubby unexpectedly rushes from the kitchen f***ing and bl***ing all the way. He'd been backwashing the pool and if you leave it unsupervised it overflows. Of course now all my brand new flowers have been soaked in water that is about 50% chlorine, plus a very nasty algicide.


$125 worth of plants and a days effort. Just to watch them all die.

Have resolved to return to usual gardening techniques of only growing weeds.


Naturally the bit hubby was planting was unaffected.

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