Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Booksigning

Yes, that's me at my booksigning. I told you I don't photograph well! But at least you can't see my bright red nose and drippy eyes. Bloody cold. I hate being sick. Why am I always sick, I blame my children.

Still, regardless of the fact I was tanked up on cold&flu drugs (which I had to produce both my staff card and my drivers license to purchase - I mean c'mon), the whole thing went exceedingly well.


I signed books, and we sold them all bar one, and I even managed to spell my name right in all of them. Sometimes this is a challenge for me, esp when feeling a bit fuzzy. People showed up who weren't related to me (and therefore had to turn up or suffer the consequences), and I got to flitter about and threaten strangers with drinks, chocolates and bookmarks.

The wonderful Jess Dee popped in (she's another Samhain author), and another local author who writes children's books stopped by to wish me luck as well - I think she said her name was Elizabeth Best, am going to keep an eye out for her stuff. There was some talk of me doing a speech. "No worries," I said confidently, reaching for another glass of champagne. Thank god that little idea never got off the ground.

It was a good day. I feel like a real live author now. Its just annoying that it'll be so long before the next book comes out. Am still reconciling self to snail like pace of publishing industry.


Small people who were universally unimpressed with romance books appreciated the large number of chocolates on offer!

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