Monday, November 03, 2008

Another Dear-Old-Thing Blog (NOT)

Well, you'll all know I'm a bit partial to blogs written by those enjoying the later years of life. I adored Olive, the world's oldest blogger, and she lived just up the road so that made it extra special. I still miss her.

I came across Margaret and Helen recently. Their perspective on life and current affairs is totally refreshing in a no-holds-barred kind of way.

My fave quote so far...
Now I am an old broad. We didn’t talk about this stuff. I really don’t know why gay people want to get married. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Harold. But I guess if one consenting adult wants to declare their love for another, why would anyone have an issue?
Struggling on day three of Nanowrimo, current word count 0. Marvellous. Have been left alone in the house with two litres of full fat milk and 3/4 can of Milo - its not pretty.

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Anonymous said...

I see by the Nano site that you're word count is not 0!
All that milo must have helped.