Friday, November 07, 2008

Oh busy week

Its been a very busy week at my house.

Since Monday I have...
  • Lost $10 on the Melbourne cup - my surefire winner picking method (ie choose the horse that matches the locker number I was given at the gym) was apparently not quite as surefire as myself and the blokes in the butchers seemed to think. I was all lined up for a party with the Mother's Group girls, but alas Miss Four slept right through the race, so Miss Two nearly Three and I watched the race. She loved it and we had to watch the racing for the rest of the afternoon - hmm.
  • Cooked Leek and Potato soup.
  • Had three nights of interrupted sleep; coughing, snoring, bed swapping, rougue christmas beetles, really good book, it all conspired against me.
  • Spent the day with my mother
  • Watched Obama get elected and even managed to watch some of his acceptance speech live - until the kids realised they were missing the Mr Men anyway.
  • Fed my children McDonalds
  • Refused to admit I'm getting a cold
  • Got a cold
  • Invited Janine over next Tuesday
  • Wrote a lot of words for Nanowrimo. About 6000. Very happy with that.
  • Cooked chicken
  • Felt smug about our miniscule credit card debt - it won't last - and was almighty pleased interest rates dropped again. We were pretty much maxed out with the mortgage payments and its making life much easier.
  • Came to work, twice. This has included in sitting in three traffic jams and proabably another one tonight. I am over traffic jams. Go Away Traffic.

Yes, another scintillating few days. Sometimes I don't know how I manage.

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Anonymous said...

You're life is so exciting, however do you manage. LOL
I know exactly what you mean, the only thing close to excitement in my life is the ones I write and read about. No wonder I do it for so many hours a day.
Yay! on the Nano count.