Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Interrupt this Haitus...

K, I'm not normally one to make excuses for not blogging. Generally this is because I'm off having a life instead of writing about it and I know that you guys are all fully aware of this.

HOWEVER. This time is different because I hurt myself and so have something to complain about. Yes. Was picking up Miss Nearly Three and tore the muscles in my shoulder. Ouch. I actually felt them tear. Anyway, its been bloody agony, so have I been floating about on a cloud of Neurofen Plus (ahh codeine). Its incredibly painful to type - that reach forward movement of my arm is agony - so I haven't been blogging or even doing nanowrimo. Not a thing.

Yes. I have been suffering.

AND NOW I'm not having a very good morning. The kids are being even more feral than usual. I mean seriously evil. Gwyneth Paltrow is presently swanning about on Oprah going on about how she never diets but does work out 2hrs a day 6 days a week (saw the footage, man she sweats) and I am sitting watching with my jeans unbottoned because I porked up so much when the inlaws were here nothing fits except my fat pants (which are in the wash) and I have lunch spilt down my front where my rice paper roll disintergrated. Yes I AM THAT LOVELY.

I'm a bit stuck over the kids though. Miss Nearly Three has been so evil that we've instigated the super nanny naughty chair. And it is working. Well for her anyway. Miss Four thinks the naughty chair is the best fun ever and requests to be allowed to sit on it. Of course I say no. So she goes and bites her sister or something equally horrible so that she gets put on the naughty chair, then sits their (their? their? I can write novels, me. SIGH) grinning. Argh.

Super Nanny never had these problems.

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Jess Dee said...

Aw, CAit. Sorry about your injury.
But doesn't the codeine help with the kids behaviour as well?
I generally find when I take neurofen plus even the little nags stop nagging. :)
As for Gwyneth - Doesn't matter what clothes fit you any more, at least you're not all sweaty.

Feel better.