Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nanoing away

Have been writing my butt off. 25,000 words in 15 days. Yes. It has been keeping me glued to the computer no doubt about it.

After 4,200 words today this is all I'm pretty much capable of...

Actually I remember doing this in a nightclub many years ago. I thought I was the COOLEST!

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Sami Lee said...

Awesome word count Cait. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Those words are adding up!
I haven't written anything new in days. But I've just wrapped up the last of the commitments that were keeping me from my keyboard so look out, massive word count coming through.
How's the kiddies going? No more 'painting' their bedrooms I hope.

Jess Dee said...

You're kidding me?
That is brilliant Cait. Good on you.

Rachael Johns said...

Whoah... congrats Cait, that is simply an awesome effort! Perhaps I'll be ready to NaNo again next year??

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Good on you Cait, keep it up, the end is nearer than yesterday, and closer tomorrow. :)

Suz :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Caitlyn.
I nominated you as a blog I love, go check out how it works over at my blog.